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VDA failing to register on new delivery controllers even with SupportMultipleForest enabled

Jacob Dixon1709152413


We have some VDA's in a separate forest that are currently registering to two existing delivery controllers. I setup two new delivery controllers running on Server 2019 with 1912 CU5 which are part of the original ones using the same database. Since the VDA's are in a separate forest I have made sure to enable the SupportMultipleForest DWORD key to 1 on the new delivery controllers and the original VDA was already configured with this. I adjusted the ListOfDDCs registry value to point to the new servers but it will not register.


I have tested:

  • Accessing the new delivery controllers from the VDA over port 80 - WORKS
  • Restarting the VDA and the new delivery controllers
  • Access the UNC path of the VDA from the new delivery controller AND visa versa with correct domain credentials - WORKS
  • Time is correct on both the VDA and the delivery controllers and in sync
  • Running wireshark on the delivery controller seems to show no tries from the VDA on port 80 which is weird. It is like it isn't even trying to register using the ListOfDDCs registry key


The only error I can find is "No valid controllers found during site discovery". I didn't have to use the SID registry key before because the VDA's can resolve the FQDN of the servers since the internal DNS zones are replicated to each other.


How can I go about seeing more details on what is going on with this?


** EDIT **:

It doesn't seem to try when restarting the service but opening the VDA installer and customizing the settings I see packets coming to the delivery controller on port 80 now. It looks like it sends a POST to /Citrix/CdsController/IRegistrar but then it fails with a Malformed packet issue and I have also seen a HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request as well.


** EDIT 2 **:

Adding the ListOfSIDs registry key with the new delivery controllers makes it work. So that must mean for whatever reason the VDA is not trusting the new delivery controllers but I am not sure why. From my understanding I really should not need the ListOfSIDs and I did not need it previously with the old delivery controllers.

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Wireshark updates and ListOfSIDs
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Hi Jacob


On the Assumption that the VDA is installed on a 64bit OS, did you add the SupportMultipleForest registry key into HKLM\SOFTWARE\Citrix\VirtualDesktopAgent or HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Citrix\VirtualDesktopAgent on the VDA??





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