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Not able to set Visual Effects on Server 2019 VDA

Marc Kuhn1709163743


Hey guys


i'm trying to set the Visual Effects on a Server 2019 VDA via Powershell to best performance with the following line in our Loginscript:

#  Set Visual Effects to best performance
new-itemproperty -path 'HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\VisualEffects' -name VisualFXSetting -PropertyType DWord -Value 2 -Force

I want for example no content in the window when dragging it. I can see that the entry was successfully made in the registry, but when i test it, i can still see content. When i launch the systempropertiesadvanced i'm getting asked for an admin. When i set it there, i can see that it is working correctly instantly.


Is there anything i need to know about it? I have in mind that i used to set it like this but something is wrong here.


Many thanks for your help.


Bes regards,

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Wow, just found my solution i think. I had to add this setting here:


Name: EnableVisualEffect
Value: 1


Source: How to keep UserPreferencesMask key settings unchanged in an ICA session? (citrix.com)


I will do some further testings tomorrow but works instantly after i set that and relogged in couple of times.


Best regards,


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I always got unpredictable results using the VisualFXSetting=2. Essentially VisualFXSetting is the same as setting the radio button to "Adjust for best performance" Visual Effects. 


A better way is to set this is VisualFXSetting=3 to essentially change that radio button to "Custom." Then you can control what you want on or off VIA reg key for those items. So in your case, you'll want to change:

  • VisualFXSetting=3
  • Add  HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop: DragFullWindows (A string value) = 0 

0 = Show window outline while dragging

1 = Show window contents while dragging


Of course setting Visual Effects opens up a pandora's box. Once you start you feel obligated to set the rest of them to lock in those values to ensure everyone has the same experience. If you google each value, I'm sure you'll find the reg key and values easily enough.


Good luck.


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Hey Jason

just checked it, but no luck. I checked in the registry of the user if the regkey's are set correctly:



[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]


When i just try to move the File Explorer it doesn't work :-(. Is there a LocalMachine Key which can override this?


Best regards,




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Hi Jason

i just checked it as a admin. I'm able to change visual effects on that system without any issues. As a user i'm prompted for admin credentials from UAC, which seems to be fine. UAC is set to default level.


I can see that the registry key's set the correct radio button and option, but it doesn't work. When i set it then manually in the GUI it is working till the next login. It isn't peristent.


I'm a little frustrated, i don't know where to check anymore.


Best regards,

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