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Unable to change audio output on Terminal Server between speakers and a headset



I have a HP T740 thin client setup with a USB Headset plugged in and a pair of speakers plugged into the  3.5mm headphones jack.  

After  logging into a Windows 2016 terminal server, clicking system tray volume icon, you're able to see the 2 audio devices in the menu but you can't change them.  It always reverts back to the one it defaulted to at login. If you open the Volume Mixer (right click volume icon), from there you're now able to change the output audio device.

However, we found though this only changes the output for Windows system sounds. For example, if we login and Windows defaults to the headset (which is seems to do everytime) and change the output device to the speakers, you hear windows alerts on the speakers but a Youtube video would continue to play audio through the headset.  


Currently the only way to get all audio to move between devices is to physically unplug one device or the other.

If we login to a Windows 10 VDI on the same T740, it works fine and we're able to change audio between devices no problem.  The Terminal Server and VDI are both running Workspace App 2203 and the thin client it getting the same Citrix Policies applied when logging into either one.

Anyone ever come across this before.

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