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Gateway 13.1 & azure 2fa

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I am trying to find a solution for providing 2 factor auth from Azure for our citrix environment accessing via Citrix Gateway (v13.1 installed).

I am struggling to find a doc that describes how to configure this. I can see lots of different websites, but they all seem to be slightly different.


We have duo setup on a second gateway virtual server, but dont want to be giving out licences for that when all of our users are in AzureAD & are forced for MFA for everything else, just not citrix.


I can see that all of my ports are open & nothing is being blocked, but cannot find anything that seems to work with 13.1.

When the radius authentication policy is bound I do get a log in the NPS event log, that NPS Extension for Azure MFA onle performs secondary auth for radius requests in AccessAccept state, request received with response accessreject ignoring request.


Happy to try another way to achieve this without using the Gateway vserver, but not aware of what else there is. We have no Citrix cloud presence.


Any guidance would be great.




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