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Citrix CVAD 2203 CU2 - MetaFrameEvents 1480 - Failed to launch (any) application

Samuel MERCIER1709153097



i recently upgraded my client infra on CVAD 2203 CU1 (Full OS 2016 / Provisioning 2203 CU2 and Ivanti Workspace Control 10.10)
When i try to launch any published app, Workspace App start to launch, blink in task bar and ... nothing
In eventvwr I've an MetaFrameEvents id 1480 event :
"Failed to launch application Explorateur CT_1092 with command line '"C:\Program Files (x86)\Ivanti\Workspace Control\pwrgate.exe" 1092 ' on client 'xxx' for domain/user 'domain/username' in session '6'.   Ensure that the application is installed and that the user has permission to launch it."
Same with app published without Ivanti. Try to upgrade my VDA on 2209 CR and same result. And same with last version of Ivanti WC 10.11 
Thanks for your help i you already see that issue !

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