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Custom workspace URL (tech preview)


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This seems a quiet corner of the forum, but I'm struggling to find much information on this tech preview.  It isn't mentioned in the updates.cloud.com and I can barely find any mention in the forums either.


We are considering testing it out as part of the last step of our migation to Citrix Cloud, as it will let us lose a couple of Netscalers.   The lack of chatter on the feature in general makes me think one of two things is true - either no-one is using it, or it works so well that no-one feels the need to talk about it.


Does anyone have any experience using the custom URL to provide access?  The idea of it seems great, we can keep a URL that we own, and we can use Cloud Gateway to provide external access whilst using Storefronts to provide access internally.  That keeps traffic routing operating properly (we can't use Direct Workload Connection) and we don't have to tell our users a new URL.

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