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Get VDI attribution the earliest possible in Real-Time (open-socket)

Guillaume Bodin1709155484


Hi dear community,


I need to know when a VDI has been allocated to a user, before he even click on the desktop icon. This is in order to trigger actions before the logon (open ports to access the VDI, a sort of network micro-segmentation...).

Is this possible and how? I wonder if the vdi is allocated when clicking on the icon or if this is done before. I thought about session pre-launch but I an not sure this an help.

The solution would need to be synchronous (real-time).


Thank you for your help



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James Kindon is right.  Unless it is a VDI that is assigned to the user (static / dedicated), the desktop is not selected (brokered) until the user clicks the resource. 


Page 3 on this Citrix Ready document has a step by step explanation about what is happening: 


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