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bcr policy with two different urls server fetch&client render and client fetch&client render pac file example ?

Matthias Kaiser




We have a requirement related to a Citrix BCR setting. We use a Citrix BCR policy in the standard configuration to set different URLs run optimally via client fetch and client render.


This works well so far, but we have now received the requirement from our data protection department not to configure a URL via client fetch and client render but via server fetch and client render.


How can we set this in the Citrix Policy and do we need a PAC file for this, for example?


If so, is there perhaps an example PAC file with a <URL> that runs via server fetch and all other URLs as before via client fetch, or has anyone already configured this?


OS/Citrix version: Win10 or Win2016 with VDA 2203 LTSR CU2
Browser version: Microsoft Edge Chromium 108.x


I would be very happy about an answer


thank you

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