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Virtual smartcard (TPM) get blocked when login to citrix

Hien Nguyen1709163720


Dear team,

I and my colluegues (other country) are using Virtual Smartcard (VSC) to login our physical machine. And everything is working fine until we connect to Citrix (for using virtual machine) and our VSC get blocked. The strange thing is that this is only happen on my colluegues's machines in the same country. Everything is working fine on my machine.

Then, I am trying to reproduce this issue on my machine and this is only happen when I included  “SmartCardCryptographicRedirection” with value is “On” to reproduce this issue on my end at the 2 files APPSRV.INI, WFCLIENT.INI in the following path on my physical machine: C:\Users\[userId]\AppData\Roaming\ICAClient  : . My reference: link

So then I tried on user’s machine by adding “SmartCardCryptographicRedirection” with the value is “Off” and somehow this is not block the smartcard on user’s machine for a few times of testing. But again, after a few days and the smartcard get blocked again after login to citrix.


In the past, we also have the same kind of issue which happened in all machines (which is different with the current issue) and this approach helped us.

We no need to use VSC in virtual machine on Citrix.


Is it possible if we can disable Fast Smart Card on host machines by setting the ‘Disable Cryptographic Redirection’ registry setting to any non-zero value? 

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Citrix\SmartCard ===>  CryptographicRedirectionDisable=1

The strange thing is why this is only happen on my colluegue's machines?


Update today: It seems the smartcard got blocked at the first time of initial setting on virtual machine. Where we can check the posible policy settings on virtual machine from Citrix that cause this issue? We SCCM to install all stuffs at the first time of login to machine.


Hope your help to solve my issue.

Thank you for your supporting.

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