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Unable to upgrade RAM on ADC from SDX appliance

Chris Craddock

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When attempting to increase the amount of RAM on one of my ADC instances from 8GB to 16GB, The SDX produces the following error. I have TAC engaged but they seem to be going kind of slow to help resolve. I am also unable to find any reliable documents that explain the issue. For reference, I was able to upgrade the RAM on the another ADC instance that lives on the exact same SDX appliance with no issues. 


ADC Rev:

SDX Rev:


Has anyone encountered this issue before? It refers to "Channel" so I am assuming it means Port Channel but not sure. i did notice a difference on the Management VLAN config  between the ADC that succeeded and the one that did not. I also provided some screenshots of that.


RAM_Upgrade_Failed.thumb.png.5fcbc62750d4ab3dd56fadab672a2900.pngRAM_Upgrade_Success.thumb.png.0eac3dc959e5a7b56bdae29303aa0be3.pngAny help you can provide would be great thanks!


SDX Error.png

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