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VDA Power state Unknown randomly

Mikael GENAUDEAU1709163664



I have a case, nothing interesting found about it throughout the Internet.


The environnement:

-  CVAD 7 STD -LTSR 1912 CU4 - 22 VDA Servers W2K19 servers- Published desktop and some published apps.

-  VDAs servers spread among two different datacenter. Hosted in Nutanix/AHV hypervisors.

-  2 DDCs, both in the different rooms.


The issue:

Time to time, VDA servers from Room1 fall into powerstate "Unknown". No issue on Room 2. Once everyday in average.

No impact on the end user community, except the fact that the user connections are mainly spread to the room 2, then we facing a capacity issue.

The hosting connexions and ressources tests reveal no issue. All is green. The hosting connexion settings are similar on both rooms. 


No issue, no logs on the nutanix layer (version 20201105.2244).


All Citrix services are up and running.

DDC are restarted every night, same thing for the VDAs.


The solve the issue, I set the hosting connexion in maintenance on and back to maintenance OFF and the powerstate information are back in studio.


I've found nothing interresting on the logs of DDCs, neither in VDAs.


I've set a scheduled task to find when this occurs to narrow the timeframe for the reseach in the logs.

I'm on the way to raise a case at Citrix and probably make CDF traces, and also making a scheduled task to restart the Citrix Broker services on each DDCs (but I hate hiding dust under the carpet).


If you have any idea or tracks to follow to investigate, you're more than welcome.


Thanks in advance,



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