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Can locations within C:\ProgramData be added to UPM?

Gwyn Williams1709162899


I have an MCS machine catalog of single-user, non-persistent, Windows 10 desktops, and I have Citrix User Profile Management configured.


We have an  application, developed in-house a long time ago for desktop machines, that saves user data into a folder that is outside of the user profile, within C:\ProgramData\... (we have to give Domain Users Modify permissions to this location for the application to work properly). This of course is no issue on desktop machines, but on a non-persistent Citrix VDA machine, can this folder location be added to the list of folders that Citrix UPM uses to save persisting data from?


If you could point me to the Citrix Policy item that would enable this, I would be grateful. The 'Folders to include' one seems only for occasions where a parent folder is explicitly excluded.


I've searched around for the answer to this but couldn't find anything relevant.



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