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Enable SSO through F5 Big-IP

Guillaume Bodin1709155484

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I want to enable the SSO on a Xendesktop 7.x VDI infrastructure.  The client device would be BYOD, out of the domain and on external network.

At the moment we can connect to the VDI but the user needs to authenticate at Storefront first AND again at the VDI desktop.


I want to login on Storefront and then have the SSO working when I click on the VDI desktop.

I am used to have SOO working with domain clients and internal network. But I don't know much about F5 and I'm not sure about the impacts of using a client out of the domain when talking about SSO.


I have referred to the F5 documentation but without any success https://www.f5.com/pdf/deployment-guides/citrix-vdi-iapp-dg.pdf 

Here are the statements I can provide : 

- I think we are concerned by this chapter (as we have storefront servers installed internally) : Using the BIG-IP APM and Web Interface or StoreFront servers (page 5 figure 2 AND section 1 page 18).

- My understanding is that we choose Yes, proxy ICA traffic and authenticate users with the BIG-IP

- No smartCards, not two-factor. For the moment.

- We want to do SSL-Bridging (section 1 page 18)

- We use Citrix Workspace



- Do I need to enable SSON at workspace app level if the client is out of the domain? Not sure

- Do I need to check "Passthrough from citrix gateway" in the authentication method? I believe yes if I refer to page 32.

- Is there anything else that needs to be setup? (Browser trusted sites? Storefront checkbox somewhere?). I didn't see anything about these in the F5 documentation.

- Can anyone help me with the setup on F5. As I said we followed F5 documentation without success. (created AAA servers, provided AD information, STA, etc).


Thank you.



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