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Add Security.txt to a Netscaler

Ra Mo

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I would like to add a secrutiy.txt file to our netscaler. It is used for 2 Citrix farms.



"Where should I put the security.txt file?

For websites, the security.txt file should be placed under the /.well-known/ path (/.well-known/security.txt) [RFC8615]. It can also be placed in the root directory (/security.txt) of a website, especially if the /.well-known/ directory cannot be used for technical reasons, or simply as a fallback. The file can be placed in both locations of a website at the same time."


I cannot find where this file should be placed on the Netscaler.

Anybody have any ideas?

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On 1/5/2023 at 10:46 AM, Jan Tytgat said:

I would just create a responder policy for that.

Then bind the responder policy to the appropriate virtual server to respond on the path you mentioned earlier.


This also makes it survive an upgrade ?


Unfortunately, this only works on content switch or load balancing vservers but not on a gateway vserver, because a gateway vserver automaticaly redirects to /vpn/index.htm before processing other policies.


Any ideas how  we can implement a security.txt response for a Citrix Gateway URL?

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