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Citrix UPM config suggestions

Sandris Pakalns




I'm working in library and we are setting up new Windows Server 2022 Standard VMs with Citrix virtual desktops and UPM for those who come to library and want to use internet.


Currently we are running Windows Server 2012 R2 VMs (EoL is coming), and got configured UPM with GPO to use template profile that is on a file server. As all these settings were configured by a 3rd party company during Citrix farm setup, there is no (if any) documentation on why everything was configured like that, it just works and nobody touches anything.


Now while configuring new UPM config, I am struggling on what really is needed to configure. Ideally we need user to use local default windows profile and not template profile from network share. All OS settings, browser settings etc. are configured using GPOs. When user is logged off, there should be no trace left e.g everything must be deleted during log off.


Maybe someone got suggestions of basic configuration for UPM in situation like this. I have attached images of our current UPM config for Server 2012 R2.


Thank you.







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so, do you want the users settings to be stored/remembered between each login/visit to the library?

You want all trace of the user removed from the session host when they log off?


The easiest / quickest way to do this is to use UPM profile containers to store all the user settings in a vhdx file, rather than using the classic UPM settings

the vhdx file will be stored on a network share.

If you want to, you can delete all the vhdx files on the network share every night, so that each morning they get a brand new profile when they log in.




Ken Z

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We don't need to store users settings. When they end their work on computer and log off everything must be cleaned.


What confuses me is that currently in gpo settings we have path to user store enabled and it points to network share, but it does not create any folder there when user login, maybe because template profile is used?


Like I said, it would be best to use default profile when user login, as we have configured specific start menu and icons that show in taskbar and start menu. And it does not save user settings when user log off.


Just trying to figure out optimal gpo settings for environment like this.



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For this scenario you would want to turn upm off entirely and optimise the default user profile -  it doesn’t sound like you need profile management at all 


there are other factors that come into this around provisioning methods etc, but effectively it sounds like you want the following 


user logs in -> default profile created -> policy controls all settings -> user logs off -> everything deleted -> repeat 


This is all local profile style operations - if using UPM you would be looking at mandatory profiles (have a google) 

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