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Cant Delete Orphaned VDI

Ryan Hull


Having an issue where I can’t delete any orphaned VDIs. In my example I am trying to delete WA-EMO Disk 000.

I have attempted the below:


xe vdi-list

uuid ( RO)           : 290fd85a-3820-4fa9-b578-991bad008119   

name-label ( RW): WA-EMO Disk 0000

                                name-description ( RW): SCSI BUS[0] LUN[0] PORT[2] TARGETID[4]

                               sr-uuid ( RO): ef000af6-d537-44d3-5f37-d838038248d6

                                virtual-size ( RO): 32226934784

                               sharable ( RO): false

                               read-only ( RO): false


[root@zf-xenhost03 ~]# xe vdi-destroy uuid=290fd85a-3820-4fa9-b578-991bad008119


Error parameters: , Failed to mark VDI hidden [opterr=Command ['/usr/bin/vhd-util', 'query', '--debug', '-vsf', '-n', '/dev/VG_XenStorage-ef000af6-d537-44d3-5f37-d838038248d6/VHD-290fd85a-3820-4fa9-b578-991bad008119'] failed (error opening /dev/VG_XenStorage-ef000af6-d537-44d3-5f37-d838038248d6/VHD-290fd85a-3820-4fa9-b578-991bad008119: -22): Invalid argument],


Any idea what else I can try?


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