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Pushing apps from an unlisted Apple App Store entry to devices fails

Thomas Zywitzki




we have a Citrix MDX enabled app for iOS, which we want to distribute to a limited clientele. Therefore we don't publicly list this app in the Apple App Store, but have it "unlisted":



Using this method the app is downloadable for anyone who knows the store link, but it cannot be found by a store search. I can add this app via the store link in Citrix Endpoint Management without problems using the option "Public App Store". But when the users now try to install the app from SecureHub to their iOS device it fails with the following entry in the logs:

com.sparus.nps.apple.push.ApplePush |
Could not perform command 'com.zenprise.zdm.push.apple.InstallAppStoreApp' on target ApplePushTarget[os=iOS,
device=####, user=#############, type=DEVICE]: Error ASDServerErrorDomain-9610: null (License Not Found.)

From what I found this error seems to indicate, that the app store wants some VPP license, but our app is not a VPP app. I also did set "Do not use Volume Purchase" in the "Volume purchase License" section of the app configuration. And when I manually open the store link on the device, I can install the app from there with any account not requiring a license.


The interesting thing is, that after the app was installed once manually on the device, all the subsequent push installs from XenMobile also work and the app can be installed without problems with SecureHub too. So it seems to work in general, once the app is "known" to the app store or account on the device. So my question is: Is it generally possible to distribute apps from the App Store via XenMobile, when their store link is unlisted? Do I have to configure something for it to be able to install via SecureHub without first installing the app manually once on every device?

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