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Accelerate VDI removal

Guillaume Bodin1709155484


Hi all,


When trying to empty a machine catalog (remove all the VDIs within) the process is very slow to complete.

I think I have seen somewhere that xendesktop removes the VDI machines by bunches of 5. I can't find this anywhere anymore (I believe I saw it in the PowerShell section showing the commands for machines removal, but I don't see it anymore). Can someone confirm or disconfirm this ?

1 - it it normal that it's slow or it should be fast?

2 - if it does by bunches of 5, is it possible to customize this?



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No answer from anyone. Maybe I shoul formulate it differently.


1 - If the admin (AD account) running studio to trigger the VDIs removal does not have the proper active directoy rights for computer removal, can this highly slow down the removal process?

2 - Can we decide how many VDIs removal orders are sent to the vcenter at once? If we want to parallelize this task.

3 - To give you an idea, to empty/removing a Machine Catalog of about 150 machines it takes about (very approximate) 1h let say. Creation is way faster.


Thank you.

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