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Change storefront server domain membership

Bhavin Patel1709151904

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Change the domain membership of storefront server from domain A to domain B, domain A and B are trusted but domain A will be decommissioned. 


What is recommended by Citrix?


can I unjoin store front servers from current domain A and join to new domain B , is this supported ?

create new servers in domain B, install storefront and add them to server group in Domain A, remove servers that are in domain A from the server group, is this supported?


Export configuration from Domain A

create new servers in domain B
Import configuration.


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Hi Bhavin


my personal preference is to build new StoreFront servers in the new domain rather than move existing StoreFront Servers.

That way, you can test that everything works without disrupting existing users, then switch over access to the new StoreFront when you're happy there are no issues




Ken Z

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