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Access is denied to File Explorer Quick Access section on server 2019 (MCS)

Mabsy Khan




We have two main sites, A and B running Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops 7 1912 LTSR CU5 at both sites.  Site A has numerous virtual apps such as File Explorer delivered via a 2012 R2 image deployed via MCS and site B has the same but uses a 2019 image. Applications across both sites are pretty much the same.  Session hosts from site A and site B are all in the same OU with the same GPO's applied.  


The issue we are seeing is since the 2019 image in Site B has been rolled out, users cannot access the Desktop /  Downloads / Documents from within the Quick Access section in File Explorer. However, in Site A, users can open File Explorer and open the Desktop / Downloads / Documents.  We have noticed 2012 R2 see's it as Favourites but the 2019 image see's it as Quick Access (do not think this is an issue, just a MS re-badging exercise). 


We do have 2 main GPO's that apply for USERS, a standard one and a restricted one for accessing the session hosts and master image if needs be. The restricted one has Citrix admins excluded and strangely if you are a member of this group, you can seem to access the Quick Access in site B. However, this gives you too much access so adding users into here is not an option.


This was installed by a 3rd party about 8 years back and uses their own 'uLogon' software for profile management. Setup otherwise is quick simple.   


Error attached. Cannot see anything within the small set of GPO's that would block this. GPO's been set for years and never really changed. ADMX temples have been updated. Strange as this works in one site and yet not the other. 



Citrix Error.PNG

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