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HTML5 client: where is the value for "Starting <delivery group name> stored?


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When my users launch an HTML5 session from our storefront, it has a small pop-up, like this below, that appears for a few seconds during the logon. I don't know what is populating this, but the names are incorrect and I'd like to change them. We're on CVAD LTSR 1912 CU2 right now.





  • What is this little overlay/pop-over called in citrix terminology? At this point I don't even know what to search for!
  • How can I change the text after the word "Starting" for my two delivery groups? Both of them show different things, and they're both wrong/outdated. I don't know where "Winstat $S7-15" ever could have been called, but it was probably back in the versions of Citrix before CVAD, back in the 7.x days; we've been using this Delivery Group for about a decade now. "Winstat for Econ 570 Beta" was a new testing Delivery Group we created a year ago, but renamed within Citrix Studio to the final name we wanted to show to users.


So it seems like perhaps, this value is whatever the ORIGINAL name of the delivery group was when it was first created, but even after I change it via Studio... it still is stored/saved somewhere in Citrix and is still being called. I'd like to know where it is, so I can change it to reflect my current Delivery Group names and stop confusing my users.


None of my users connect to storefront directly, if it makes a difference; we have everyone connect through Citrix Netscaler in order to get to Storefront.

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I had a similar issue when I renamed some desktops but the display name for the icons when they were displayed to the users did not change. 


CTX249917 fixed it for me.  This is not your exact issue but perhaps it can get you looking in the right direction.


It involves changing a field using PowerShell that cannot be changed with the GUI.  Perhaps that leaves you stuck with the same question, "Where is that field name located in the db so that you can change it?".


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