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Unable to add server to new Storefront group using

Robert Peck1709163645

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I installed and configured a storefront server (v2203.0.1.2) on Server 2022.  I got it working and then built another server from the same template and installed Storefront.  When I attempt to add the new server to the group it fails.



I went over the troubleshooting article CTX206872.  It asks me to ensure the Credential Wallet Service and the Configuration Replication service are started on all StoreFront servers in the group.  On the newly built server these services do not exist even though Storefront says it is installed.  I re-installed and also completely rebuilt the server and re-installed and it is the same.



The troubleshooting article also says that I need to be able to communicate over TCP port 808.

Using Telnet I can connect to port 808 from the new server to the old one but I cannot connect on 808 from the old one to the new one.   I ensured that Windows firewall was completely turned off for both servers.  The article does not mention any ideas of what to do if they are not talking over 808.  The servers are on the same subnet and seem to be seeing each other fine.


Any ideas?

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