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New to Citrix: Upgrading ADC fails with Error one

Paul Cairns

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NetScaler Virtual Appliancec450010.

I am trying to upload the 13.1-33.52 Upgrade patch to our system, it keeps erroring on uploading the upgrade package from my local machine through the GUI. Always fails at 99% with Error 1, please try again. 


I have looked in to the flash drive and it has 371MB free, the /var drive has 7238MB free. 


I don't know what files I can safely delete, any assistance would be much appreciated. 

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In general, cli upgrades are much more reliable then the gui and they aren't that hard.

What version are you upgrading from as well, to make sure there isn't a different issue?


Save config and make usual backups of config file and full system backup as recommended. Transfer off system just in case.  (Remember, full backups include the conf, all critical files in /nsconfig/ and specific key directories under /var/.)


Basic upgrade from cli:

  1. Upload the necessary install .tgz to /var/nsinstall/<build folder>.  Make  a directory for the build to stay organized:  /var/nsinstall/build_13.1-33.52/
  2. extract the build file.
  3. Run the install

If you have an ha pair, again save and backup both.

Pre upload the build to the directory on both appliances. You can even extract before you are ready to install.

Then you can perform the upgrade of the ha pair.




cd /var/nsinstall/

mkdir build_13.1-33.52

## upload .tgz here

cd /var/nsinstall/build_13.1.33.52/

## extract build

tar xzvf <build.tgz>

## run installer



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