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Syslog via TCP: LineFeed characters in Message part complicates parsing at syslog destination

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We have configured Syslog on our CitrixADCs to use TCP as transport. This means that a single TCP packet can contain multiple syslog messages, separated by LineFeed (0x0A) character.

So far so good, but I noticed that  "ns_auth2_post_auth_epa_report" message contains LineFeed characters in the message part, breaking the parsing of syslog messages on our receiver side.


Example content of a single TCP packet received at our syslog server containing 6 syslog messages, but due to the LineFeed characters inside syslog message 4, this is handled as 9 separate syslog messages. Of course the syslog messages on line 5-7 cannot be parsed due to missing header.

<134> 2022/11/07:10:59:02  <hostname> 0-PPE-0 : default SSLVPN Message 4116300 0 :  "get_session user: <user>@<domain>, aaa_info flags 40011 flags2 1f20000, new webview 0, sess flags2 200000, flags3 78040 flags4 800 ssoDomain <domain>, ssoUsername: <user>@<domain>, ssoUsername2: <user>@<domain>"
<134> 2022/11/07:10:59:02  <hostname> 0-PPE-0 : default AAA EXTRACTED_GROUPS 4116301 0 :  Extracted_groups "<groups>"
<134> 2022/11/07:10:59:02  <hostname> 0-PPE-0 : default SSLVPN Message 4116305 0 :  "epaqs_session_report: Done initializing session; client_type 1, authv2 200000, flags2 200000, flags3 78068"
<134> 2022/11/07:10:59:02  <hostname> 0-PPE-0 : default SSLVPN Message 4116306 0 :  "ns_auth2_post_auth_epa_report:******
flags2 200000, flags3 78068, v2setclient 1
<134> 2022/11/07:10:59:02  <hostname> 0-PPE-0 : default SSLVPN Message 4116310 0 :  "[CGP][ICAUUID=<ICAUUID>] App/Desktop launch initiated {client=<srcip>:<port>}"
<134> 2022/11/07:10:59:02  <hostname> 0-PPE-0 : default SSLVPN ICASTART 4116321 0 :  Source <srcip>:<port> - Destination <dstip>:2598 - customername  - username:domainname <user>@<domain>: - applicationName <appname> $A22-12-97DCA4D9-0001 - startTime "2022/11/07:10:59:02 " - connectionId 10912706

Our syslog configuration on CTXADC looks like:

add audit syslogAction SLA_<name> <ip> -serverPort 514 -transport TCP -tcpProfileName nstcp_default_profile -logLevel EMERGENCY ALERT CRITICAL ERROR WARNING NOTICE INFORMATIONAL -dateFormat YYYYMMDD -timeZone LOCAL_TIME
add audit syslogPolicy SLP_<name> true SLA_<name>
bind audit syslogGlobal -policyName SLP_<name> -priority 100

Does anyone recognize this behavior and knows if this can be fixed?


Furthermore, syslog generated by CitrixADC does not adhere to either RFC3164 (wrong timestamp) or RFC5424, I fixed this on our syslog receiver side (syslog-ng) by a rewrite rule to adjust timestamp according to RFC3164 specification.

Is there any other way to ensure CitrixADC is sending syslog conform either RFC?

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