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Workspace Ppp on MacBook Pro M1 machines does not adhere to native full screen resolution.

Garth Lahana


When using any of the latest versions of the Workspace App for Mac, either the Apple or Intel versions, when maximizing a desktop to full screen, the screen maximizes to a strange resolution which does not conform to the native resolution of the Mac. From what I have seen this only occurs on Mac with the notch. I had opened a call on this issue and was told it would be fixed in a forthcoming release, but we are a few releases further and still no fix.


Has anyone else here noticed this issue?

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On 7/11/2022 at 8:44 PM, rkparvat said:



Using Citrix workspace app in 14 in MacBook Pro with notch(M1Pro). With Citrix workspace 2206(Intel) and the Apple silicon Workspace version released today July 11, 2022, whenever  Citrix Viewer opens,  the display resolution drops down below the notch and the 14 inch screen essentially become a 13 screen(loses space beside the notch). When Citrix viewer quits, goes back to full resolution. Only an issue with Ver 2206 (intel) and the Apple silicon version of Workspace released on July 11, 2022 not an issue with the first Apple Silicon Version of Workspace release and 2204(Intel)


I reverted back to 2204.  



Yes, please see my other post. Essentially versions after 2204 forces scaling below notch on MacBooks with notch.  Has not been fixed in subsequent releases.  Reverting to 2204 is the best solution now.  Hopefully will be fixed soon

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