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Issue upgrading 2nd Citrix Hypervisor in pool from 8.1 to 8.2

Andy White1709162096




We have built a UAT environment on 8.1 with 2 Citrix Hypervisors in the pool.  We have been testing the upgrade from 8.1 to 8.2 via GUI in XenCenter 8.2.6 instead of booting the server off the .ISO which we have done in the past.  We need to upgrade a production pool from 8.1 to 8.2 so we thought it best to try in UAT first.


Anyway the first Hypervisor upgraded just fine and very quickly to our delight.  Then it went to do the next one and it got stuck on migrating the WLB and just stayed like that for ages.  We decided to shutdown the WLB to help, but nothing and now the GUI won't upgrade the host or it's in some state where a pending flag needs clearing (like in Windows).


This is what we see now:




If I try the update:



It's greyed out, you can see the first is on 8.2 CU1 and the second on 8.1 still.




Any ideas as to what to try next?





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I have run into something similar, where the automatic update stalled because VMs could wither not be shut down (such as running on a local SR) or migrated. You may need to use a command something like:

xe vm-migrate vm=name-of-VM host=name-of-new-host-in-same pool --live --force


Any VMs that cannot be migrated or hold up the upgraade process have to be shust down.


Also, make sure your BIOS are as close to each other as possible as well as hotfix levels are the same and up-to-date on all hosts within the pool.



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