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Citrix Web Studio: slow, intermittent & buggy

Dawid Bbn


Hi all,

As my company is gradually moving away from on prem farms to DaaS Service and Citrix Web Studio, I would like to share my experience with the cloud based console.


We have multiple IT support teams in the company who complain that Citrix Web Studio is slow to load and unresponsive. It really makes a bad impression to the business here, as users often hear “please bear with me as the console is starting..”.

We also have highly critical real-time warehouse environemtns where slow access to the console affect customers orders, I can only imagine that e.g. in hospitals this is even worse.


Just a couple of only recently spotted bugs:

- some buttons and icons are missing

- wrong time format in colums

- random console crashes

- unable to highlight multiple sessions with the Shift key
- random graphics glitches

It is unbelievable that such technology company as Citrix cannot make a simple console working correctly. Is Citrix saving their IT infrastructure costs, making Web Studio slow, effectively shifting the cost to its customers waiting for the console to load…?

What’s your opinion on that? Has anyone raised this with Citrix Support?

For years we were ensured by our AM that if we move to CVAD Service the problems with unresponsive standalone, installable old Studio console would be gone but now here we go - we are in the same position as before.


2022-11-02 21_35_14.png

2022-10-14 08_13_07.png

2022-10-14 08_11_15.png

2022-11-03 10_57_21.png

2022-10-06 07_40_50.png

2022-10-06 07_36_16.png

2022-10-05 10_29_34.png

2022-10-05 10_43_18.png

2022-10-05 10_29_05.png

2022-10-05 08_05_14.png

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