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User can log into Storefront but is rejected by the Citrix server



Got a bit of a strange issue here.  A couple of our users are able to log into Storefront fine, but when they try to launch a published app, the VDA pops a message as it loads saying that the username or password is wrong.  If they click OK on the message, then the session just sits there with a blue square and spinning circle until I terminate the pre-login session direct from the server itself.  If I just leave it, then the session terminates after a minute or two and clears itself down.


I have checked their accounts in AD and they are definitely fine (not locked out, password doesn't expire for 2 months), and Storefront seems happy with the details and is letting them login and showing them their resources.


Plenty of other users are working fine on the same apps and delivery group, so I'm not sure where to start with this.


Citrix Cloud DaaS, VDAs are Server 2019 with 2203 CU1 VDA.  We have over 1000 users logged in, so I don't think this is a more general issue, it seems confined to a very small number of users.


Anyone have any suggestions?

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