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autolaunch application on Storefront login

Graham Mason1709161817

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Hi All,


i want to launch an application when a user logs into a Store - i have created a dedicated store with a single application pushed to it, so i am trying to get it to launch upon login,

there was a Citrix Discussion page on it from Michael Bednarek - a few years ago, but it seems to have gone awol..


CarlStalhood did a "partial" coverage of it, but i dont fully understand how it works or what changes i need to make - https://www.carlstalhood.com/storefront-cr-tweaks/#autolaunch

is anyone able to offer any assistance. or an ID10t walkthough ?




script.js clip

CTXS.Extensions.noteApp = function(app) {
    if (app.encodedName.indexOf('ARIA') != -1 {


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