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Best way to publish app / vdi with Tesla T4 GPU

John Burke1709155036


In our company we publish all our applications via XenApp, some of our servers have Tesla T4 cards being delivered via GPU Passthrough from VMWare (for program like AutoCAD and Bentley). This has been working for us until we started using this small add on program for Autodesk Revit. The program worked for a bit, then the company released an update and it no longer works. When I contacted support they said they do not support the program via virtual delivery and it also "does not run on Server 2016" which is what my CITRIX Server is currently running ... mind you, it worked for months until their latest update 


Now I'm stuck with a program that we need, and will not run. 

I was considering setting up a single session Windows 10 VM, and passing through the Tesla T4 to that but then I got worried it would be overkill to use the entire Tesla on (1) Windows 10 VM, and I'm not sure of a way to passthrough just part of the T4 to a single session VM


My other consideration was to setup a VDI for specific users in hopes that the program would run better within the VDI environment. I've personally never used or setup a VDI within CITRIX so I'm not sure if the program would run any differently in the VDI than it is now in the XD delivery? 


I'm open to any suggestions you may have. The program does require a decent GPU and RAM so that's what also makes this difficult for my setup


Thank You

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