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Citrix PVS gold image user account used for set up appears when end users start a Citrix session (Switch User)

Tom Swift


We used CTXADMIN to create a Windows 10 gold image and provisioned it to PVS.  Next we used the PVS wizard to create 10 machines in Citrix studio for access by the general user community.  The problem is when a different user logs in they first see CTXADMIN as the user on their screen of the Windows 10 VDI instance and then it does a sort of switch user and switches to the user that signed in.  For example, user CTXTEST starts a VDI session using one of the ten available random floating machines and see's CTXADMIN and then after about 15 seconds it feels like CTXADMIN is logged out and CTXTEST signs in.  Sort of like a switch user.  Once the desktop is available doing a WHOAMI shows us the CTXTEST user is correctly logged in.  Why is this happening?  We've built dozen of gold images using an admin account and never has an issue where the build user account appears as a regular user logs in.  Environment is Citrix CVAD 1912 CU4 with PVS 1912 CU4 and WEM (same version available when 1912 CU4 was the latest 1912 LTSR version).


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This is just Windows 10 displaying the last logged in user.   You can disable this with a GPO (or local policy).  Most likely your other images had this set already.


Once disabled, it will show 'Other User' instead of CTXAdmin.  You could also change the admin account name to something else (I use the company initials) so at least it looks like something familiar to the users as it logs in.

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