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Session Freeze, Printing virtual channel request timed out. The current timeout value is 54000 milliseconds.

Sergio Masone1709161115



Some of my users have reported to me that their session can freeze for 5-10 min not too long after logon, and this only once during the day. when it happens this is logged alot of times in the same timeframe on the VDA side in the event logs..

Printing virtual channel request timed out. The current timeout value is 54000 milliseconds. This timeout is the duration in milliseconds that the Citrix Print Manager Service waits for a response to a printing virtual channel request. This timeout value can be modified by setting the following registry value and rebooting the Virtual Delivery Agent machine. Registry path: HKLM\Software\Citrix\Ica\PrintingSettings Name: PrintRequestTimeout Type: REG_DWORD Data: <Duration in milliseconds>


Anyone having something similar? we are on windows 10 21h1, CVAD 2203CU1. the users reported this as an issue when they are external to the network, but dont experience the freeze when they are in cirix from within the office.

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Experiencing a simliar issue. But others don't have the same issue on the same server. I also only have those problems since upgrading to Windows 11 and the upgrading Citrix Workspace, also downgrading Workspace to a version which works for others on Windows 11 doesn't fix the issue.


Also the session freezes randomly. Every time a Disconnect / Reconnect fixes the issue.



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We're seeing identical behavior as what is being reported on this thread..  a user once or twice a day.. freeze, the same printing virtual channel request timeout error..  Session recording shows the session content, but all mouse, etc activity is stopped..  user has to start a new session which mostly connects back to the same server, but new launch working fine.

We are 2203cu3, use netscaler adc as others noted here..  recently upgraded from 1912cu7 to 2203cu3.  but behavior described above is identical to ours..

Did anyone on this thread open a case with citrix and/or otherwise resolve the issue?  If so, what was your final resolution?  Ty for any info  :-)

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In my case it was inacessible printers on the endpoint it was trying to intterogate after we migrated to printer logic, the old queues remained on the endpoints but weren't accessible.We ended up changing our policy to map local printers only, and not network printers. Haven't had any complaints of this issue resurfacing. I think citrix have a registry key to modify the default timeout for printer virtual channel that can be set to reduce the freeze time.

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