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Connection limit to CFE exceeded

Ross Helfand

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We have some Jenkins pipelines that do Netscaler automation using the Terraform provider.  On occasion, our pipeline fails with "Connection limit to CFE exceeded."  I have looked around and found a lot of "just kill the inactive sessions" suggestions but with different workflows doing API calls, I wanted to see if there is a way to bump that limit up.


I found this document:

but I'm not really sure what to do with that information.


Thank you.

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The CFE error is related to too many admin sessions being created and then reaching the max limit (used to be around 20 sessions, not sure of current number).

I don't think you can change limit.  


The script you referenced itself is just to keep a given script from exceeding 16 connections to avoid overflowing the session limit itself.

Best practice is to terminate sessions when done AND lower idle timeout so leftover sessions release sooner.



From GUI, you can go to system node and see system sessions (I believe).

From CLI, you can run:

show system sessions

kill system session all

kill system session <specific session id>



When scripting, you may need to build in explicit close connections to end sessions.
OR adjust the timeout, so idle (leftover) sessions terminate more frequently:

Either through the:   

set system parameter -timeout <value>   #in # of seconds


IF your scripts authenticate with a specific account, you can also set it per account:

set system user -timeout <value>

set system group -timeout <value>


Also see the  -maxsession value of the system user/system group as you can set max number of client connections allowed per user. (I don't think this will allow more than the sessions identfied, but may help limit one account from overconsuming.)





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