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SDX/VPX BGP Configuration

Paul Denning

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Hi All,


I'm trying to get BGP to work with a ADC VPX that sits on a SDX 15000-50G.


I have enabled BGP Feature, 

VLAN has Dynamic Routing enabled.

I have enabled Distributed routing on the SNIP.

I have enabled host route on the Virtual Addresses and set None for RHI for testing purposes. gateway address is

BGP is enabled on the static default route


Other things that might be a consideration

SNIP is a /31 address to its upstream device.

VIP is a /32 ip address


I have setup the bgp process within ZebOS (vtysh)

I am receiving routes from my neighbors, however i am advertising any of the VIP addresses back to my neighbors.


I am redistributing kernal within BGP.


BGP Config looks like 

router bgp 65001
 bgp router-id XXX23
 redistribute kernel
 neighbor xxx.xxx.xxx.20 remote-as 65001
 neighbor xxx.xxx.xxx.20 activate
 neighbor xxx.xxx.xxx.20 soft-reconfiguration inbound
 neighbor xxx.xxx.xxx.20 route-map rm-uplink-rf-in in
 neighbor xxx.xxx.xxx.21 remote-as 65001
 neighbor xxx.xxx.xxx.21 activate
 neighbor xxx.xxx.xxx.21 soft-reconfiguration inbound
 neighbor xxx.xxx.xxx.21 route-map rm-uplink-rf-in in


Route map is doing its job and only allowing a default route of to be entered into the bgp routes.


in vtysh

If i do a show ip route displays nothing and goes straight back to prompt



vpx(config)#ns route-install bgp


 % Protocol daemon is not running



vpx#sh ip bgp neighbors xxx.xxx.xxx.20 advertised-routes





vpx#sh ip bgp neighbors xxx.xxx.xxxx.20 routes


BGP table version is 11, local router ID is xxx.xxx.xxx..23
Status codes: s suppressed, d damped, h history, * valid, > best, i - internal, l - labeled
              S Stale
Origin codes: i - IGP, e - EGP, ? - incomplete

   Network          Next Hop            Metric LocPrf Weight Path
* i0.0.0.0/0        xxx.xxx.xxx.18              0    100      0 65000 i

Total number of prefixes 1


VPX Version: 13.1 build 17.42.nc

I have also tried 13.1 build 33.42.nc


It feels I have missing just one thing but can't seem to find it.

All help would be highly appreciated.



Guildes used:





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