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Actions between monitors

Rodolfo Govedarski-Roldao


When I apply the option of multiple monitors, when navigating between monitors, when moving windows from one monitor to another or even when opening and closing Tabs one of the screens freezes. it is possible to bring the window back to the initial screen where the action was started, being possible to see the changes made, but on the screen where the action would follow, whatever it is, it stays stagnant until I press ALT+TAB or until I apply it any action that is outside of Citrix. Only then does the monitor refresh and it is possible to see the changes made. Which makes the work a lot slower and annoying. What can I do to resolve this situation?

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I know some multi monitor issues caused by different screen resolutions and DPI scaling settings across the monitors. Maybe your issue is related to this. 
Do you have different resolution and/or different DPI scaling settings across the monitors? And what Citrix versions are we talking about?

If the issue is caused by different resolution or DPI scaling settings, I would recommend to use at lease Citrix Workspace App 2206 and the “Client-side scaling” mode, please refer to https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX230017/configuration-of-dpi-matching-and-clientside-scaling-with-citrix-workspace-app-for-windows

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