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Mgmt GUI error - Unauthorized: User is not allowed through this interface

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My in progress build VPX 13.0 87.9, when attempting to log into the management GUI via the NSIP or an SNIP using a domain based acount, the GUI returns this error:
Unauthorized: User is not allowed through this interface


Using the domain based account to access the CLI is successful

Domain based log ins are via a basic authentication Radius server and policy.

Logs in via nsroot to the GUI or CLI are successful.


I have compared authentication settings between the newer VPX and another VPX, the authentication settings are the same. Settings such as the vendor code 3845 match between the two.


This issue started after I attempted to apply pooled licensing to my VPX, which went wrong. All features were stripped/disabled. This resulted in the mgmt GUI being unreachable. I had to use nsroot CLI access to restore default "Freemium" licensing, which restored GUI availability. I reapplied pooled licensing and that is now set correctly.



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