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Help please! HTML5 receiver fails when ADC is on a different Hyper-V host than application server.

Richard Vernick

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(All our servers are VM's sitting on Hyper-V across multiple physical hosts).


We've been having issues getting the HTML5 receiver working. Finally, today, we realized that it works perfectly when the app server VM is on the same physical host as the ADC VM. If the app server is on a different physical Hyper-V host, the HTML5 receiver fails almost 100%. We prove this by moving app servers on and off the same physical host where the ADC is. No networking changes are made before or after moving hosts. 


Looking for ideas, solutions, etc..


Thank you!!

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Hi Richard


I have seen something similar in the past, and the cause was due to the way the Teaming was configured on the Hyper-V hosts. Since we started using SET (Switch-embedded Teaming) we haven't seen the issue any more.





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