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Adaptive Authentication Citrix Cloud

Luke Herridge


Hi All,


I have been provisioning Adaptive Authentication in Citrix cloud via identity and access management because currently we are using Workspace with AD+Token via the cloud connectors. 


I do not want all users to be prompted for the token when working onsite so was hoping to check for client IP and either provide single factor (LDAP) or use LDAP+Token via workspace depending on IP.


Adaptive auth is provisioned and available in Azure. I'm looking to configure the nfactor settings but I am confused because i thought all requests for LDAP would go via the cloud connectors and i would not need to add LDAP/Radius servers into the Azure based netscalers? this seems to be what the document says. Then i read you should add the cloud conenctors ip's as radius servers? I dont see how that is possible due to the secret key etc.


I cannot 'access' the cloud connectors via nfactor? as all the policies expect an LDAP/Radius server to be entered. 


I'm aware of the outhIDP that was created as part of the provisioning so thought you would use this but again i cant seem to access it when setting the policies.


Any suggestions or pointers to documentation that is specific for cloud config using cloud connectors would be appreciated!

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