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Hi All,

Im after some advice regarding Netscaler backups (not being an expert myself), 
In our environment we have 2 x HA pairs doing their own regular backups setup with ADM but also have vSphere running nightly backups and I noticed a lot of gslbsiteMEPflap / ipconfilcts / failover alerts going on, (NICs are set to VMXNET).

So to check if vSphere backups were causing this we got them added to the NoQueisce area and left vSphere to do a 'dirty' backup. Since this change most of the alerts have stopped but occasionally we see the 'gslbsiteMEPflap and they then failover' which seems to tie into a vSphere task of snapshot removal taking 10 seconds or more. 

Would i be correct in assuming vSphere snapshots removals are causing the siteflap and failovers ? 
What do you guys recommend in terms of NS backups ?

Many thanks


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