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Remember username on nFactor UserNameOnly scheme

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I´m implementing a MFA solution using nFactor for AD group extraction. 

The authentication itself is working fine and as expected. 


However there is one additional requirement I´m lost how to solve.

While there is the UserNameOnly scheme at first in place to promt for the username to proceed with LDAP group extraction, I want to remember this username to have better SSO experience.

Since the actual authentication is done with AzureAD, users are prompted for their username, getting redirected to AzureAD and being authenticated seamlessly if already signed in to AzureAD.
So I want to get rid of the first username prompt. Is it possible to set some kind of cookie to save the username and prefill and skip this first prompt?


So basically I want to set a custom permanent cookie that saves the username in the browser. With this cookie the username should be extraceted in the very first stage and if exist, the UserNameOnly prompt will be skipped.


Hope my idea was well described ?




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