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Unable to remove unused string map from ADC

Stefano Nicolini

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I am running an ADC cluster with version  I am testing some rules with string maps.  I am trying to delete some of the string maps I no longer need but get a "Resource in use" error when I try to remove the string map either from the GUI or from CLI.  I've looked at the entire config file and NOTHING is referencing the string map other than the command to create it.

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Which firmware are you on?

Confirm with a cli search with a "-i" flag:

show ns runningconfig | grep <stringmap> -i    #for a case insensitive search


You can also do a grep on the saved config:  more /nsconfig/ns.conf | grep <stringmap> -i

And see if there is something not showing up in the runningconfig display.


If still an issue, try a reboot when you get a chance and then try to delete again.

OR if you're absolutely sure there is no dependency, you can remove the line from the saved config file and then reboot. BUT clearly make a full backup beforehand just in case.  (I would possibly try a few things first, before excising the line because if done wrong it could cause a much bigger issue.)


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