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Citrix Workspace App doesn't allow auto-update disabling

Rashid Ellis




We have a user who wishes to use a particular version of the workspace app, Citrix workspace 2204, to take advantage of the OS-matched DPI scaling that was available in that version. (The implementation has been changed in higher versions of the Citrix Workspace app which doesn't handle the text very well, causing the app to show text at host scaling-too small to see on client workstations.)


We resolved this issue by uninstalling the newer version and installing the Citrix workspace 2204 version. However, after a restart or two, the client automatically updates to the latest version. I've attempted to install the Citrix desktop lock for 2204, however it appears you need an account to do this. Is there a way to disable automatic updates for her workstation?


Opening to any solution, including verifying the functionality of the Desktop Lock and it effectiveness as a solution, (which prompts for single sign-on configuration.) and configuration file edits.

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