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Upgrading to 2209 causes sessions to freeze

Franc van de Westelaken




after upgrading from VDA 2206 to VDA 2209 several users, but not all, are experiencing session freezes during logon or shortly after logon. In director we see the session being active and starting the applications during logon, but on the client side the screen is frozen and nothing happens. Disconnecting and reconnecting the session shows the updated screen again, but it freezes shortly after that again. We tried several older Workspace App versions also, but the sessions keep freezing.


This only happens with sessions connecting remotely through Netscaler (NS13.1 30.52.nc). Session from inside the LAN, thus  bypassing Netscaler aren't affected.


Reverting the VDA back to 2206 resolves the issue.


Anyone experiencing this also?



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I believe we are having the exact same issue with VDA 2209 for Windows 10.  It's in pilot to our own engineering team, works great from devices on the LAN but is exhibiting this exact behavior from Windows endpoints connected via Citrix Gateway.  We're dealing with enough other issues and approaching EOY, so we're probably going to stick with VDA 2203 LTSR for now.



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