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AAA Session time-out

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I am planning to switch a VPN setup from classic authentication policies to nFactor.

I just saw today that under AAA - Application Traffic > Change Global Settings there is a Session time-out which is by default 30min.

I was wondering if this AAA Session timer-out need to match the VPN Session time-out which is currently set on 180 min.


Thank you,


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The AAA session policy *shouldn't* apply.


VPN vserver authentication is handed off to the AAA vserver for the advanced engine-based authe policies.  But authorization and session settings are still managed by the gateway's session policies and/or the authorization policies.


AAA session policies should only affect lb/cs vservers integrated with AAA vservers without gateway.


Also any policy bound to vpn vserver/aaa user/aaa group, will take precedence over a global parameter (even if both were to apply at same time).


Can't say there wouldn't be a bug causing an unexpected result; but you can usually ignore the AAA parameter and the AAA session policy when doing gateway + AAA configurations and rely instead on the vpn global parameters and the gateway session policies instead. (I would also test to make sure; but the gateway connections are affected by the gateway session policies.)






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