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Storefront 2203 CU1 - Application Enumeration issue

Thamarai Kannan

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I have installed Storefront 2203 CU1 on the Server OS 2019 and configured the store. when the user login to Storefront URL, there is no application displayed to launch. As per the below article, this issue is fixed on the CU1 version, but I see the same issue on CU1. Switching the controller connection to http in SF works. Does anyone have the similar issue in CU1?



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Hi Carl,


Thanks for your reply. 


Yes, SSL certificates are already installed on the Delivery controllers and the same controllers are used by other SF 1912 Farm over https without any issues. Here are the error messages in Storefront Events. Not sure if this matters, controllers are running Server 2012 R2 on 7.15 with TLS1.0 disabled. 


Error1 None of the Citrix XML Services configured for farm Controller are in the list of active services, so none were contacted.

Error2: An SSL connection could not be established: None of the SSL cipher suites offered  were accepted by the server.. This message was reported from the Citrix XML Service at address https://scictxddc.svccorp.com/scripts/wpnbr.dll. The specified Citrix XML Service could not be contacted and has been temporarily removed from the list of active services.

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