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Citrix connection interrupted, will try and reconnect in 5 minutes when reconnecting to session

Derek Benak


After upgrading our brokers and VDAs to 2206, My users started to see intermittent connection interrupted messages when attempting to reconnect to an existing session. Some can get in after a moment or two, others fail to connect and need to try again.


I have back revved the VDA to 2203 and 1912cu5, but I ran into a different problems with Teams and had to revert back.

Today I deployed an image with VDA 2112. but the connection problem returned.


I haven't found any articles the same as my problem, however, CTX221206 is similar except my problem happens at reconnect, not logout. I do have one TD driver from Palo Alto


The problem is hardware agnostic, happens to laptops and desktops.

Happens at multiple campuses, hardware and wireless

happens to sessions launched as a published app and launched directly from Workspace.

So far, all workspace versions are and earlier (still investigating this angle)


Did I miss something during the upgrade? Is Workspace 1912 compatible with VDA 2112 or later?



Brokers 2206

VDA 2206 (and 2112)

Workspace Varies, but mainly 1912

Non-persistent VDI image deployed by PVS

Windows Server 2019






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Hi Derek,


yw. Yes it's a bit of a mess right now tbh in order for administrators like us to try and find the 'right combination' of Citrix product versions in order to build a nice and stable cocktail while having all the features.  I'm doing pretty ok now running VDA 2203 CU2 with a few hotfixes, CWA versions 22.7-22.10 on our clients and Teams in the (Windows 2019 Server) VDA golden image used over Netscaler 13.1 24.38


In general design-wise for the future I greatly advise you to go as flexible as possible in order to be able to switch server and client versions easily and on-the-fly as the Citrix landscape can change any second nowadays ?

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