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Netscaler GUI administration MFA login timeout after 20 seconds

Josh Slaney

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I am setting up MFA on the administration (HTTPS, SSH) of the netscaler login.  I have been able to successfully get this to work with 1 caveat.  After I enter my first factor credentials the 2nd factor times out if I don't respond within 20 seconds.  The message "Operation timed out" appears next to the login boxes.   The 2nd factor server has a timeout set of 60 seconds.   The administrative login doesn't seem to be honoring the 60 seconds time-out.  I have successfully confirmed the 2nd factor timeout does work successfully on within 60 seconds on a GW VIP.   I have also taken packet captures that show the response being sent from the 2nd factor server if I click allow within 60 seconds.  This appears to be a timer for the administrative login.  Is there a way to change this setting to align with the my MFA server timeout?

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