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Netscaler Gateway not working with firefox 105 or chrome 106

Andreas Koch

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Hi guys, i've got a problem with latest browser releases and the netscaler gateway using DUO as primary authentication.
After browser updates you can sign in but you will be redirected to the logon landing page.

DUO log is fine and even the ns.log.
If you clear files and cookies you can login once.


Any idea welcome.

THX Andreas

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Looping the landing page begun after autoupdates for chrome /edge and firefox.
Clearing the caches helps (but only onetime).

Netscaler is running on, witch was fine since may.

No config change at the gateway side.

No config change at the duo side.

Both logs, duo and ns have no issues.

Timesync is checked.

Actually i'm going to check all browser versions in question.

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As no more tickets are raising up i guess ist's solved.
So the only change was not tu use global session settings.

For me it's sounds like the problem with the intranet ip, where global settings are ignored.

I'm going to check all global settings in place and replace them with settings in session profiles.


THX to all for your perfect BRAIN dumps.

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