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Citrix Workspace 2209 uses wrong mouse coordinates in Fullscreen - Macos M-processor

Patrik Norlander


Using Citrix Workspace 2209 to connect to a Windows session. With the Viewer in Fullscreen the mouse coordinates seem to be incorrect, with the actual mouse position registered by Windows being above the mouse pointer shown. Also some textrows seems to be "chopped" and doesn't show the full letters.


As example, trying to right-click the Windows taskbar at the bottom should bring up the taskbar context menu, but it actually brings up the desktop context menu. Moving the mouse over the context menu also shows the highlighted menu entry to be slightly above where the mouse pointer is drawn.


The issue only appears in Fullscreen: using the application in Windowed mode the mouse position is registered correctly. This makes the application unusable for me.


Attaching example on the difference of the same text in full/windowed mode.


Same behaviour with beta 22.10 for Macos.

I'm on Monterey 12.6 on a M2 Air




windowed screen.png

Full screen.png

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