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NetScaler OTP - Enrollment by Mail

Pedro Huaroto M

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Hello, in a Netscaler native OTP scenario, in the registration part (after the user has entered their Active Directory credentials), is it possible for the user to register or receive the QR code in their email? or some other method by initial mail to register?


They are noting that if a hacker obtains the user's domain password, he will be able to register any smartphone, but sending him an email just for registration (and then receiving the token by smartphone) will mitigate the risk.


Thanks for any suggestion


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See this article:  Email OTP  (included in 13.1 admin guide; added in 12.1.51.x).



And a second reference in Tech Zone:  https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/tech-zone/learn/poc-guides/nfactor-citrix-gateway-email-otp.html

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